Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy day

Good morning, God is so good. We have an extra lil girl in our house this morning, Sadies friend Goldie had an extreme play date, the girls screamed out of delight when we told them she was sleeping over! Yesterday I spend the first half of the day in my car, first to pick up Sadies friend who lives about 15 minutes from us. Next to John and Sages school they got their teeth cleaned, out to lunch, back to school. All three little girls ran errand's with me until time for car pool. After all this I treated them to yogurt.

Baby shower is tomorrow! Much has to get done today, Costco run, then want to try to stay home and finish candle holders, clean, make a few dishes. So excited to host the party in our home, music, candles, good food, good friends, I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures. On other note here is a picture of a bed that I would love for my brother to make for Sadie and Chloe, we are finally gearing up for them to move to their room! Sadie has been in a "training bed next to ours, and Chloe in the last few months has started to sleep with us. Since about five months old she out of all four kids went right to her crib every night. All the rest didn't sleep in their own bed until age 5!!! I know ridiculous, just a bad habit. Papa (my dad) asked Sadie so when are you going to sleep in your own bed, Sadie said, " I have two more years of training!" So uncle Jim, I need you to make this for your nieces!!!! No pressure, Love you, Shirley
My family (minus lil John) two summers ago in Santa Barbara, Love you all

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