Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 11, 2011

Church, Estates, Dinner

What a great weekend! God grace was abundant, Kims shower couldn't have been any better. Sunday I took lil John, Sadie , and Chloe to church, while John took Sage to her last soccer game. They won! The message at church was about believing in the unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
I colored John and Sages friend Marie's hair, to an audience
Our friends who are realtors came over and asked if we wanted to go check out a few houses with them? So we all piled into the Navigator all nine of us!! John and I LOVE looking at houses, Sunday open houses is our ideal date!! Now the kids are just as nuts over homes as us!
John and I pretending "were home"
Diva and big brother
Sage and her friends Marie, Haley
Two homes had huge avocado groves
They won't miss these!
Slee girls two summers ago, do you think Johns gonna grey prematurely??


  1. Ee-new-ee Slee S-se-a-ah (very cute Slee Girls) Mono Lake paiute dialect

  2. How ne u? today Mitz.