Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 16, 2010

My book Text-tionary

Text-tionary is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've finished my book, I started writing it last August and finished in June! After flying in from Miami last August I noticed a huge Pepsi billboard with the abbreviation LOL, Pepsi's logo was in the O. I said to John just think how many people drive by that billboard and don't have a clue what LOL means! He agreed, I then said there needs to be a book, a dictionary of text abbreviations! He agreed, I told him once we got home I was going to start writing it, he looked at me like "OK". I told him I felt strongly about it, he would see that I was serious. Once we got home I started right away researching all the different abbreviations out there. I then got in touch with a well known author who had published three successful books in Santa Monica. I paid her monthly to help me turn my dream into reality. Soon Text-tionary was made, you can find my book at authorhouse.com, or my own website text-tionary.com it can be ordered from either, I just get a bigger percentage if ordered through me! Hope you check it out, Shirley

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alison Krauss - Simple Love

The kids and I just returned from a great trip to Bishop and Yosemite, with my folks. We had so much fun, time flew... A week there is never enough time. June 5th Sadie went back to Bishop for a week, first time away from me, she had a blast. The first night she was there she told Pa,Pa, I'm like a grown up Pa, Pa, this is my vacation! We all missed her so much, Chloe would look around the house for her playmate. Sage, Chloe and I drove to Bish on the 10th, John and lil John following us. When we got there, Sadie came running out to meet us, all she wanted to see was Chloe! They hugged and kissed, Sadie ran her fingers across Chloe face, you'd think they were without each other a year, so sweet! While we were there our main focus was to get our home rented out, the renters we had for four great years had bought their own home. Within the week it was re-rented to a young family. John went back to Camarillo for work, my folks, the kids, and I all went to Yosemite for two days. I always forget just how glorious that place is, it speaks peace to my soul! The whole time my father was teaching us new Indian words, such as Meadow, butterfly, bear, star, and a few others. Every time we go back we try to teach the kids more and more about their heritage, they had two grandmothers who were born there in Yosemite, the museum is a great place to show them their grandmothers baskets, and life stories.

It's that time of the year again to share my love for my daddy! Daddy, I wanted to say that if I were able to choose a father, you would be my first choice. The life lessons you have taught me, and now my children are priceless. The patients and love are immeasurable. John, the kids and I are so blessed to have you in our lives, I must admit sometimes I feel guilty, what did I do to deserve you???? Here is a song that explain a little of how i feel about you! Love Mitzy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turned thirty!!

Hello, well I'm officially out of my twenty's, January 15th I turned 30, hard to grasp, I'm trying! I have made a commitment to myself to take better care of me, by getting my daily workouts, juicing carrots, parsley, cilantro, and other veges daily! I want to stay healthy, active as long as I can it's through hard work, not in any magic pill. Daily prayer, reading the bible, for my spiritual being as well, will keep me healthy all the way around. Lately I've felt the need to be as organized as I can, also to get tasks done, not put things off, so I went and bought drawer organizers, it's such a pleasure to open our junk drawer and have everything in it's place, scissors, tape, pens, ect.. ever since I was around 10 I have kept, important letters, pictures, ticket stubs from trips, concerts, museums, all in an old photo album, it was so stuffed, dis- organized, I decided to go through it all and make a new sleek scrap book, for myself. I've always kept up on the kids photo albums their baby books, time for mine! Plus when I'm no longer on this earth it will be for the kids to take a look at their moms life. Other than my early mid life crisis, things are good, Johns job is expanding, he has a bigger territory now, he is traveling a couple times a week, to San Fransisco, Palms Springs, Los Vegas, San Diego, as well as places closer to home. When he's gone he's missed, Chloe says "I want Da,Da" Sadie says, "who's gonna hold me tight?" I've been extremely busy with the move, but happy to say it's behind me now and we are all loving the new home, escrow on our old home closes the 15th! We are so relieved to have gotten out of the upside down loan. God is Good! I'm having my book edited, as well as a few more illustrations, finished my Query letter to agents, so I'll be shopping it around very soon!! Pray that Textionary will have favor. Other than that we will go to Bishop for Easter, can't wait it's been too long! Thanks for reading, Shirley P.S random pictures I know but isn't the Christmas one so cute? The rest are in Santa Barbara, fun zoo day with Pa,Pa, and Grams..